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We offer more than just the theme parks. The City of Orlando, the crowned jewel of Orange County, is the largest inland city in Florida as well as the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States. Aside from being one of the largest tourist attractions and the theme park capital of the world, this shining star of the Sun Belt has much to offer as a city of its own with attractions, activities, and special venues to seek out. We specialize in everything this city has to offer, not just Disney Parks, but all the magic within this one-of-a-kind municipality.

Orlando Itinerary

Orlando VIP Tours Itinerary


Orlando VIP Tours

Orlando has much to offer in terms of places to see destinations and unique experiences for a wide range of experiences and budgets. When it comes to Orlando if there is a desire, there is a destination.

All along International Drive, Lake Buena Vista, and even Kissimmee, the skies, seas, and streets have much to offer and delight you and your family.

For you oceanic types you may want to check out Winter Park, a place that calls itself the Venice of America. Nearby you can find Park Avenue, a popular shopping area and cultural hub that features various boutiques, restaurants, and museums. You may also want to visit the town of Celebration, a residential area designed by The Walt Disney Company over in Osceola County.

If you’re willing to go out an hour there’s also the Kennedy Space Center out in the Cocoa Beach Area east of Orlando, which has a gorgeous ocean alongside other attractions.

Attractions and Venues

Orlando VIP Tours

You may not want to visit a theme park, but you still want to enjoy what’s going on around it. That’s fine as Universal Orlando’s Citywalk as well as Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) have unique experiences on their own that’s open to the public. There’s also much to see alongside International Drive such as Pointe Orlando as well as the Orlando Eye, newly opened in 2015, a giant Ferris-like wheel that offers a whole view of the city.

Nightlife and Music

Orlando VIP Tours

Nightlife in Orlando can be equally as unforgettable, there is certainly something to celebrate any occasion. Orlando features various upscale bars, lounges, live music venues, as well as speakeasies and low-key areas. We know the hottest places, as well as the low-key treasures, found deep within Orlando’s glowing concrete jungle.

Helicopter Tours

Orlando VIP Tours
Want to tour Orlando from the sky? Get a bird’s eye view of the City Beautiful itself? See what Disney and Universal look like from above? Watch the sunset from ten feet away? Catch the nightly fireworks spectacular up close and personal?

Good thing that we can take you up high and show you a whole new world!

We’re excited to now offer helicopter tours of Orlando. This is a great way to experience the city without stepping foot inside a theme park or waiting in line for any rides. You can check out all the beauty Florida has to offer from the one-of-a-kind cockpit of a helicopter. Sounds good? We’ll see you in the skies.

Transportation Provided

Orlando VIP Tours
We offer complete transportation to and from all events and attractions. Whether for sightseeing, partying, shopping, or the all-around family adventure, we have your back with various services for making sure you get there on time with the best possible enjoyment. We specialize in this city and knowing what makes it a truly great place to visit.

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